Welcome to North Arkansas Quail Club

2014/15 Ark-La Regionals Final 6 includes 2 NAQC members!!
R to L: John Branch, L.D. Moser, Scottie Johnson, Donny Parker,
David Hildebrand, Deb Meline

Welcome to North Arkansas Quail Club!!!

North Arkansas Quail Club (NAQC) was formed by local quail hunters with a strong appreciation for bird dogs and bird dog enhancement.

NAQC was started July 2011. This is our first year and we are having a ball!! The club holds monthly club trials along with 2 to 3 NSTRA (National Shoot To Retrieve) sanctioned events per season.

Our members are of all ages and have experience ranging from beginner to 50 years. Some strictly trial for the fun of it and others are serious competitors. All in all, a great group and lots of enjoyment.

Our members have a real appreciation for good bird dogs of all breeds. Our trials include English Pointers, Brittanys, English Setters, French Brittanys, German Shorthairs and other breeds. Some dogs double as house pets while others are preserve and competition dogs. All of them are the focus of NAQC.

While the purpose is quail dog development, every member will tell you fellowship with like-minded outdoor men and women is a real bonus.

We invite you to attend an NAQC field trial to compete or just to enjoy. If you have any questions, please feel free to call on any of the members listed.

Happy bird-dogging!!

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